Vol 1 Issue 1

First Newsletter


Welcome to the launch of Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe web site! Yea. Finally! It seems like only yesterday when I got that call from the realtor telling me that the previous holder's deal on the property at 31 Main Street had fallen through and was available once again... “If I was still interested”... Still interested? Interested! You betcha (in my best Sarah Palin voice) I certainly was still interested!!

That was nine months ago when I stood in a completely empty 900 sq. ft. space shaking my head and asking myself “what had I gotten myself into?” With hardly any retail experience, I had once worked in Bloomingdale's forty years ago, I put on my thinking cap, pulled up my pant cuffs and began to make a dream a reality and here we are today with over 7,500 new, used, and rare book titles to choose from. The response and support from the community has been overwhelming. I am convinced that opening a small independent book shoppe was the brightest and best idea I ever had. My little work-in-progress has turned into the biggest project I've ever attempted and continues to grow and develop on a daily basis. And I love it. I look forward every day to building up a very special and unique shoppe. I invite you to visit our new web site, as well as our store, every month to discover what's new and what's old in the wonderful world of books.

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